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IraNIC customers receive a feedback requests once they order any service from IraNIC. Customer feedback helps us to improve our service and understand how was our service. Here is the example of how customers rated our services.

2020-Marjonathan.irIraNIC has been an excellent provider for many years for me now. The administration interface is easy to use and intuitive, and the prices are very fair! I have only needed to contact support once and they fixed my problem very quickly and courteously.
2019-Novwwwmerika.irOverall good service. Keep it up.
2019-Novhttps://www.sadface.irIranic offers an easy to use service and I am very happy with it.
2018-Febenglishsafari.iryour services and prices are better than others, i recommend u to work on other domains specially the popular ones to provide better conditions for Iranian cause other sites are buying domains from u and buy to the customers.Now i wanna buy a com domain, I prefer to buy it here rather than sites which are tricky and money-grubber
2017-DecIraNIC is amazing and awesome for all you need to register and manage your .ir domains.
2017-Novmayfa.irVery good, as always. I trust you and believe you are doing good work. Thank you.
2017-Octwww.agoda.comThe service is fast and good value, but it could be improved by stating explicitly the documentation required to register a domain. this site,is very good and I take my domain very easily i wish the the best for all of them
2017-Junsaharit.irPaying for more than one service (i.e. renewal of two or more domains) at once would be a great option. Please add this option.
2017-Janwww.mayfa.irGood service. I would appreciate you changing the expiry date to 02/01/18 (2nd January 2018) as my domain was registered only today and for a full year. Thank you. was easy to receive what you needed. specially I got satisfied by the support team who really helped me to find what i was looking for.
2016-OctYour price list in reasonable. I would use your services again.
2016-OctSeems easy to use and affordable domain prices
2016-Sepi was searching in internet and found your site and first thing that suprise me was your service prise ! 5700 per year its free i think :)))
2016-Septabligh-din.irthank you for your good services .I really appreciate your job.
2016-AugIranic is good for domain buyers and their services is fine
2016-MayEasy to register and easy to browse . Great work
2016-Aprgitigohar.comeverything's good! just keep continue :-)
2016-Febhortell.seYou are giving a tremendous service for Iran
2016-Febwww.hootakhsh.irIranic website is very simple , easy , user friendly , and money saver!
2016-Febwww.rudytrading.irکلا امکانات به صرفه و مناسبی ارائه داده هست اگر بشودامکاناتی مشابه برای میزبانی وب سایت و طراحی راحت سایت توسط کاربر هم اضافه شود بسیار عالیست
2015-Decwww.f1proje.comthanks for your service. I hope I make money from this first .ir domain and buy new domains from you. thanks. Yigit Pilevne dorIR domain at IraNIC is as easy as 1,2,3!
2015-Sepwww.starbuks.irIt was much easier and high speed response, easy and usual questions to validate, good pricing comparing to others, which require US dollars. So over all Up to now I am very satisfied, let see if I get the approval then I will agree to follow list of items and services required. Wish you all well Mohammad Salehi
2015-Julsorooshpardaz.comHappy for that companies like you are in Iran Quite reliable really thanks
2015-Junwww.gorec.siEasy to use, friendly even to non-computer geeks, fair prices and overall good experience. Would recommend IraNIC to everyone!
2015-Aprpetroleum-eng.irIranic is really one of the best .ir Services. Thank you Continue please.
2015-Aprjonathan.irI have been most pleased with IraNIC's services. The easy to use user interface and economical prices have ensured I will recommend IraNIC to all my friends and colleagues for .ir domains.
2015-Marmshokat.iriranic is the best domain seller. since 2012 i used your services i like it too much!
2015-Marwww.delink.bizExtraordinary kind and helpful support.
2015-Febmivekharan.irاین در نوع خود بهترین وسریع ترین است. من بسیار از آن راضی هستم RIANIC را به دوستان خودم توصیه میکنم.
2014-Decwww.wego.comEasy to use and manage .ir domains. :)
2014-Decwww.greenint.irThe registration and renewal process is straightforward and prices are low enough, although the web site needs to be more user friendly and pleasant.
2014-Dectejaratpars.irقیمت های مناسب ، خدمات سریع و باکیفیت و راحتی کار با ایرانیک ، دلایل اصلی و مهم ما برای کار با این شرکت است.
2014-Dec30tak.irIranic excellent service and effective
2014-Novafcp.irAll issues are simple,prices are suitable and it seems the company is trustworthy
2014-Octizoha.irNice and simple process of domain registration and best of all, acceptance of Master & Visa Card.
2014-OctVery good price. Good inclusive DNS toolbox. Very important feature. Good clear simple documented process. Very good inclusive WHOIS lookup for Iranian domains.
2014-AugIraNIC is the right place for your .ir domains!
2014-JulGood service, use of credit card is very important, and helps users to choose your company.
2014-Mayengagetopromote.comI trust IraNIC completely. Their professionalism and great attitude is among the very best, in service providers. Highly recommended. Thank you.
2014-Maywe3in.irسلام خسته نباشید سرویس بسیار خوبی بود از روند تازه تشکر من در سایتی که هاست رایگانی رو در اختیار دانشجویان قرار میده برای پروژه هاشون هم پیشنهاد کردم از ایرانیک استفاده کنن و کاملا راضی هستم تشکر مجدد
2014-Mayofogh-islam.irin average it is good and i am satisfy it.
2013-Augsoftpuya.irThank you for your service
2013-AugI use your service because you have english version (good english) and VISA payment. Thanks
2013-Augmrez.irIranic provides ir domain's registration with a low price. Thank you iranic! I'm going to register all of my ir domains from iranic now on.ایرانیک، بهترین سرویس ثبت و مدیریت دامنه .آی آر برای کاربران با هر سطح مهارت است
2013-Marwww.moemed.irDear IraNIC, It was my pleasure which my domain registered on your host and I really your customer care services is perfect and I wishing you more success nd happiness always. Thank you very much for your beautiful E-Hospitality Bests, Moe Hamedani (
2013-JanREZAIRANI.IRبا سلام احتراما بر خود وظیفه می دو نم فقط سپاسگذار فعالان و ارزوی توفیق روز افزون را برای عزیزان دارم بدرود
2012-DecThanks a lot for your services. I am in Iran but I feel that buy from a forigner service provider!
2012-Novwww.roya-eshgh.irthe only word i can say about iranic is amazingسایت خیلی خوبیه و من ازش راضی هستم و بودم چون هم از لحاظ قیمت و هم از لحاظ ارتباط با مشتری عالی عمل کردند واقعا iranic عالیست از هر لحاظ:)
2012-Octatmeg32.blogfa.comi don't know i what say now.just IraNIC is great.
2012-Augabezendagi.irسلام، با چند شرکت دیگر قبلا سعی کرده بودم که انجام بدهم ولی نشد و ظاهراوضعیت سرویس دهی شما بهتر است. خیلی به نظرسنجی های این چنینی هم تکیه نکنید و سرویس دهی و قیمت خود را مطلوب نگاه دارید به همراه تبلیغات خوب مشتری خوبی خواهید داشت
2012-Julwww.dksanaei1.irسلام ازحضورمداوم وخدمات شما تشکرمیکنم
2012-Julhaparoot.conot bad. good. hope it gets better. seen so many cheating iranians, it's hard to trust at first. but, seemed like i had to go through a reseller.
2012-Julwww.sysoon.comIraNic is realy fast and easy and offer a way to maintain and pay for Iranian domain without any problem.'s easy to use,but i think the price should be lower thanks
2012-Junwww.dinar.blogfa.comسلام ازاینکه باشما آشناشدم خوشحالم چون بعضی از خواسته هایم تحقق پیدا میکنه.ازجمله ایجاد, ثبت,ورزرو دومین نهایتا فروش آنها اگر بشه
2012-Maymostafa-karimi-e.irمطمئن وارزان ودر نوع خود پیشگام.....
2012-Aprwww.pmbhva.irThank you for your service
2012-Marwww,delphia.irIraNIC is a great website and enjoy to use the service from it and I appreciate about the service that it gave us and I hope to become a better one than before.
2012-Marit is a good & useful service.
2012-Martolou.comLet him step by step guide for registration and membership. a good site
2012-Febrastinstudio.comI LIKE IraNIC! The fast, Best and like no one.
2012-Febwww.pmpiran.comI'm totally satisfied, thank you very much.'re a great company, that's all...
2011-Decensanekarazmoodeh.blogfa.comIraNIc group, IranNIC Support Team Dear all, I am very happy to join the group. I hope that with the support team to guide me I am successful in my work. Thank you so much. Stay bright,healhy and glad. Best regards
2011-Novphdi-co.comدر هر صورت از همه دوستان عزیزی که در این شرکت مشغول به کار هستند بالاخص آقای روزبه هاشمی ها تشکر می کنم فعال خواه
2011-Octبا سلام از شما و سایت شما کاملا راضی هستم و دوست داشتنی می باشد
2011-Octzhangltd.netRegistration and Payment were very easy, delivery instant (really rare) - I love the service and will 100% order more domains in future since Iran is a growing economy and very important in todays world. William

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